On Sale! 2 Fluke Microtest MicroScanner Pro Tester Combo –

On Sale! 2 Fluke Microtest MicroScanner Pro Tester Combo –

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Fluke Networks MicroScanner Cable Verifiers/Scanners

2 Fluke Networks MicroScanner Pro Network Cable Tester / Verifier Combo
10/100 Network Cable Tester / Verifier Cat5 , Cat5e

Microscanner Wiremap Adapter Included!

Fluke Networks Set of 2 MicroScanner Micro-Scanner Network Cable Tester Models On Sale Warranty Calibration Backed by The Best Service and Lowest Prices in the Industry.

Fluke Networks MicroScanner

MicroScanner Pro Network Cable Tester
The MicroScanner Pro is a powerful verification tool designed to confirm basic installation quality of multiple cable types. It automates the testing of cable conductor continuity and configuration, and provides necessary information to rapidly solve prob- lems including the location of cable faults. MicroScanner Pro tests coaxial cable (RG6, RG59, etc., for CATV/CCTV), twisted pair cable (UTP/STP/SSTP), and other wiring for audio, control, security or basic telephone service. The MicroScanner Pro speeds basic live network testing with powerful network tap service and speed identification.

Quickly identify problems
Use the MicroScanner Pro for verification to ensure basic continuity and correct terminations. The wiremap test checks end-to-end continuity on all UTP cable four-wire pairs to quickly verify if the cable under test has the correct wiring scheme (either 568A or 568B) and identifies any cabling problems. MicroScanner Pro quickly identifies a fault (see Figure 1), allowing you to see opens, shorts, crossed pairs, split pairs or any miswires.


MicroScanner Pro features
– Tests all common copper cable types: bare wire, coaxial cabling, UTP and STP cabling
– Checks wire configuration (wiremap) to ANSI/TIA/EIA 568A, 568B standards
– Speeds identification and troubleshooting of common miswires such as opens, shorts, crossed and split pairs
– Uses patented TDR technology to ensure accurate pair length measurements
– Flashes hub light to help identify pairs
– Generates four unique tones for locating cables hidden in walls, ceilings, or wiring closets
– Identifies active networking 10 Base-T/ 100Base-T hubs
– Identifies half or full duplex capability
– Matches (UTP or coaxial) cables to offices during adds, moves and changes
– Enables patch cable testing without couplers or external adapters

– (2) Fluke Networks MicroScanner Pro Network Cable Tester
– Fluke Networks Wiremap Adapter
– (2) Cat5e Patch Cable
– User Manual On CD-ROM
– Carrying Case

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